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The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne


This statement has been adopted by the Parish of S. Matthew with S. Mary, S. Philip and S. Augustine at a  Parochial Church Council meeting.
As members of this Parish we commit ourselves to care for one another safely. We recognise that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that each of us may be regarded as at risk at some time in our lives.
We commit ourselves to:

  • the safeguarding of people who may be at risk, ensuring their well-being in the life of this church, and activities in the Church Hall
  • promoting safe practice by those in positions of trust.
  • promoting the inclusion and empowerment of people who may be at risk.
  • recruit safely, following  recognised procedures
  • supporting, resourcing, training and regularly reviewing those who undertake work with children, young people and adults, who might be at risk.

It is the responsibility of each of us to prevent physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse. We will report any abuse that we discover or suspect.
We agree to work within the guidelines of the Church of England and the Diocese.
Each person who works within this church community will agree to abide by this policy and the guidelines established by this church.
This church has appointed Margaret Evans as the Parish Safeguarding Officer, DBS Administrator and Children’s Advocate.
This policy is reviewed each year by the Parochial Church Council and re-affirmed at the Annual Meeting.

Vicar Richard G. S. Deadman
Churchwardens - Anne Stewart, Marion Taylor
S. Philips - Joyce Lowery, Barry Larking
Date: 3. 8. 2018

The Parish Safeguarding Officer (Margaret Evans) will:

  • Continue to review, renew or apply for DBS forms as required, for those in the congregation


  • Revise and update the Parish Safeguarding Policy as appropriate, and display on the Church and Hall notice boards.

Revised Aug. 2018.

  • Revise and update contact details for Safeguarding,for children and vulnerable adults. Display contact details on notice boards.


  • Continue to have DBS/Safeguarding included on each PCC Agenda, and give reports at PCC meetings and the AGM.


  • Establish which regular hall users (ie. those who teach or work with children on a weekly basis, or with vulnerable adults) have got relevant and up to date DBS clearance. Explain procedures and obtain forms for those who have not yet got clearance.


  • Obtain completed Confidential Declaration documents from relevant members of congregation and hall users.


    • The Vicar and members of the PCC appointed a person to be a Children's Advocate.
      Person appointed Jan. 2016 (M. Evans)

    2019 Parish Safeguarding for the Churches of S. Matthew with S. Mary, S. Philip S. Augustine
    +The Safeguarding Policy at S. Matthew's Church has been agreed by the PCCs and is in accordance with Diocesan and National Guidelines. The Safeguarding Policy can be found on the main notice board at the back of church.
    +Safeguarding is the responsibility of all, to prevent physical, emotional, sexual, financial or spiritual abuse. Any abuse suspected or discovered will be reported.
    +Safeguarding is at the heart of our Christian faith and we commit ourselves to care for one another, ensuring the safety and well being in the life of the church, of children or adults who may be at risk. This also reflects upon caring for all in the community andhow people treat one another.
    +Those in positions of trust within the church, have completed DBS checks and regularly attend safeguarding training. We promote safe practice, along with the inclusion and empowerment of thosewho are vulnerable.
    Any concerns should be shared with the Vicar or Safeguarding Officer
     Contact details
    The Vicar Father Richard Deadman,
    0191 232 9039/07801 304448
    Parish Safeguarding Officer, DBS Administrator, Children's Advocate
    Margaret Evans
    0191 273 5103
    The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
    Ruth Rogan

    Agencies which are also available to assist on a 24 hour basis and through a free
    specialist helpline:
    NSPCC Child Protection Helpline 0808 800 5000
    Child Line 0800 1111
    National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247
    Samaritans Helpline 08457 90 90 90
    Action on Elder Abuse Helpline 08088088141 Freephone Mon. Fri. 9am. 5 pm.