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Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Saint Matthew’s Church – History

Saint Matthew’s is the home of two parishes, each of which was formerly two parishes - S Philip, S Augustine, S Matthew, S Mary the Virgin. Also woven into our history are a number of daughter and mission churches.

The congregation of S Philip & S Augustine led a somewhat itinerant and uncertain existence for a number of years as first S Augustine’s church and then S Philip’s were closed. For several years S Philip’s were cared for by the Methodist church at Dilston Road and we continue to remember with gratitude their kindness to us. On 1st May 2003, the congregation formally moved into S Matthew’s. As far as we are all concerned this is a permanent settlement and an end to S Philip’s wilderness experience. It is the foundation on which both parishes will build their future work in the service of Christ.

The parish boundaries meander through the area just west of the city centre and are impossible to describe succinctly; however, at one end they touch the city centre and at the other the General Hospital, stretching down to the river at one side and Nunsmoor at the other. The increasingly international nature of the West End is reflected in the profile of the congregations, which often comprise people from half a dozen countries or more.

The parish embraces the area of Arthur’s Hill, where there is situated a social outreach enterprise, the CHAT Trust. Established in the late eighties, it is intended to be a tangible expression of the Gospel that we celebrate and proclaim. On Wednesdays at 9.30am, the Mass is said there.

"Aspects 2013" an online slideshow of photographs
conveying something of our life and worship (off site link).