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Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Saint Matthew’s Church Hall


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During the Summer of 2016, Saint Matthew’s Church Hall was completely refurbished. This was funded by a very large legacy from the estate of the late Lavinia Jane Campbell (RIP). The work was undertaken by CBS Northeast Ltd and David S Ferguson Ltd, both of which firms have worked effectively to ensure that we were able to achieve as much as possible for the available funds and we are very grateful to them.

The Hall is available to be used by members of the community for a moderate fee.

The principal room is the main hall. This is a spacious area with a sprung floor. It is served by three lavatories with the easy access lavatory (and baby-change) located directly off the hall. Adjacent to the hall is the Campbell Room (see below), which can serve as an ancillary/preparation room. Between the Campbell Room and the main hall there are two hatches.

image 01

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At the East end of the Hall is a Soft-play facility. This, too, has been refurbished. Use of the Soft-play is governed by rules displayed next to the structure. In short, it is only suitable for young children.



The Campbell Room is available to be used on its own for a reduced fee. The room is suitable for meetings and small events. The tables and chairs can be removed.

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Both rooms are well-lit and efficiently heated when the need arises. The main hall comfortably accommodates 50 – 75 people and has several tables and 40 chairs. Additional chairs are kept in the Campbell Room.


The Hall is adjacent to Saint Matthew’s Church Summerhill Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6EJ

The Rates for the Hall

For the main hall and Campbell Room - £20 per hour

For the Campbell Room - £15 per hour

For single-event bookings there is a bond of £20, which will be returned if the Hall is left in an acceptable condition.

To book the Hall

To book the Hall, please contact Father Richard:

Telephone – 0191 232 9039

e-mail – Richardgsd@aol.com

A booking is made by completing the booking form.  The Hall cannot be used unless and until this form has been completed.  This form outlines the terms and conditions of use.

Terms and Conditions

The following rules form part of the Terms and Conditions of use:

  1. The Hall is located in a residential area; use of the Hall is offered on the condition that the event does not disturb our neighbours (by excessive noise, rowdy behaviour, unsupervised children outside the Hall &c)
  2. People booking the Hall should familiarise themselves with the parking restrictions in operation in Summerhill.
  3. Parking of cars by those using the Hall should not cause nuisance or inconvenience to neighbours or other people in the environs of the Hall.
  4. Events should not include the consumption of alcohol without the written consent of the Parochial Church Council or its authorised agent in respect of Hall Bookings.
  5. The consumption of alcohol outside the Hall is prohibited by local laws.
  6. Time must be set aside at the end of an event for ensuring that the Hall, kitchen, tables &c are cleaned and the rooms left tidy.
  7. Users should take away rubbish with them. 
  8. The bond will not be returned if the Hall needs to be cleaned after the event or rubbish needs to be removed.
  9. The person or organisation booking the Hall will be responsible for reimbursing the Parochial Church Council for any repairs necessitated by damage sustained by the Hall or its fixtures and fittings during the event.  It is not likely that it will be acceptable for the users to undertake such remedial work themselves.
  10. Users of the Hall should not disturb or disrupt any events in the adjacent Church building.
  11. Children should not be permitted to play unsupervised outside the Hall; and they should not be permitted to play football or other ball games.
  12. The rules for the use of the Soft-play facility should be precisely observed (these are displayed on the Soft-play facility).
  13. The Hall is not suitable for the use of Bouncy Castles or similar apparatus and such entertainments must not be used.
  14. The doorways should never be blocked by furniture or other obstacles – access to doors must be available at all times.
  15. The use of electrical equipment should be kept to a reasonable level. Generally, there should not be more than one appliance or piece of equipment per plug socket. Wires and cables should not be trailing across the Hall.
  16. Breach of these Terms and Conditions constitutes grounds for the immediate termination of this agreement without the return of the fee charged for use of the Hall. 


The booking form also covers safeguarding matters.  There are particular requirements for organisations working with children and vulnerable adults.