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The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Saint Matthew’s Church – Governance

Governance of the Benefice

The Diocese of Newcastle and Province of York

The Church of England comprises a network of dioceses covering the whole country.  A diocese is the area governed by a bishop, who is the chief minister, responsible for all areas of the Church’s life in that diocese.  The bishops are the successors to the Apostles, whom Christ commissioned to continue His Work after the Resurrection. The City of Newcastle falls within the Diocese of the Bishop of Newcastle.  The Benefice comprises two parishes: Newcastle, S Philip & S Augustine; Newcastle, S Matthew with S Mary the Virgin.  The benefice is located in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dioceses are grouped together into a “province”, which has an archbishop as its president.  The Diocese of Newcastle is part of the Province of York.

The Bishop of Newcastle:

The Rt Revd Christine Hardman

The Archbishop of York:

The Most Revd and Rt Hon John Sentamu

The Bishop appoints to her parishes, priests to share with her the work in that place.

The Vicar of both parishes:

Fr Richard Deadman

The Parochial Church Councils

Anglican Parish Churches are governed on behalf of the Bishop jointly by the Vicar and the Parochial Church Council (PCC) within the framework of Ecclesiastical Law.  Each of the two parish churches has a PCC; these routinely meet four times every year separately and four times jointly.  Other meetings are called when necessary.  Between meetings, the work is continued by committees and other groups.  The membership of a PCC includes a number of people.

Chair of the PCCs:

The Vicar


The office of churchwarden is ancient, though it has changed in character over the centuries.  Churchwardens are elected every year at the time of the Annual Meeting.  They are the leading laypeople in a congregation.  They are considered the Bishop’s lay officers in the parish and have a special responsibility for communicating with him on matters, which require his attention.  They share the oversight of the parish church with the Vicar.  Their responsibilities tend to be focused on the maintenance of the fabric and ornaments of the church, but the Vicar routinely will discuss all manner of matters with them.

At the Annual Meeting held in Saint Matthew’s Church Hall Summerhill Street Newcastle upon Tyne on Saint Chad’s Day 2019 at 11.15am, the following were elected:

Churchwardens of S Philip & S Augustine:

Mrs Joyce Lowery; Mr Barry Larking

Churchwardens of S Matthew with S Mary the Virgin:

Miss Anne Stewart; Ms Marion Taylor

The churchwardens sit ex officio on both PCCs

Deanery Synod Representatives

Ecclesiastical Law in the Church of England is now developed by the General Synod, a national body of representatives from the dioceses.  Feeding into these at more local levels are Diocesan and Deanery Synods.  These bodies cannot make law, but are used for discussion, consultation and budgetary decisions.

The Benefice sits in the Deanery of West Newcastle, which stretches from us, in the East to Ponteland in the West.  Each of the parishes is entitled to elect two representatives to the Deanery Synod.

The Deanery Synod Representatives remain in office from the triennial elections and are ex officio members of their respective PCCs:

Saint Philip and Saint Augustine: Mrs Alma MILLER

Saint Matthew with Saint Mary the Virgin: Mr Aidan EVANS,Miss Anne STEWART

The Vicar is a member and chairman of both PCCs.

Elected members of the Parochial Church Councils

In addition to the ex officio members of the PCCs, a number of people are elected at the Annual Meeting to be ordinary members.

Members of the PCC of S Philip & S Augustine:

Mrs Alma Miller; Mrs Joyce Lowery; Miss Margaret Redhead; Mr Barry Larking


Mrs Alma Miller


c/o the Vicar

Members of the PCC of S Matthew with S Mary the Virgin:

Miss Andrea Black; Mrs Caterine Barnaby, Mr Arthur Barnaby; Mr Nicholas Brown; Ms Elizabeth Platt, Mrs Margaret Brain; Ms Patience Kunonga; Mrs Margaret Evans


Mrs Margaret Evans


Miss Andrea Black

The Annual Report


The PCCs produce annual accounts and an annual report. If you require a copy of the most recent accounts and annual report please contact the Vicar.

In this benefice we adhere to the Church of England and Diocese of Newcastle policies and procedures with regard to safeguarding.

Please consult our Safeguarding page for further details.