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1914-18 Memorial

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

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The First World War Archive

Names of the Fallen

Men from St Matthew's and sister Parishes who fell in the war

St Matthew’s Parish

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
lay down his life for his friends”


Stephen Oswald Allan
John Armstrong

Neil Baguley
William Black
George Henry Brown
Kendric Buy

John Carter
Thomas Carter
Andrew Cartright
Philip Clarke
Foster Corn
Walter Scott Crossley
John Stokoe Cummins

George William Darling
Thomas Douse
Charles Miller Duke

Thomas Francis Fenwick
William C. E. Ferguson

Thomas Gee
George Giles
John Goodfellow

Andrew Graham

James Halliday
George Gibson Hall
John Harris
Thomas Hastings
Robert Henderson
George Hollingsworth

John Finnagan
Robert Finnagan
Edward Fish

Frank Jackson

Richard Kissack

Thomas Lee

Arthur Marshall
Hugh Grier Mertens

Ernest Milburn
William Mount
John William Murray

Arthur Newton

Sidney Robins
Stanley Robins
Samuel Robson

Harry Simpson
Joseph Smith
Leigh Smith
Thomas Stafford
William Stanning
James Stephenson
William Surtees

George Taylor

James Andrews Tully
Richard Heckles Tully
Thomas Lauders Tully

Sydney Wanless
James Warburton
Harold Warburton
John Watson
John William Wilkinson
John Holdforth Wilson

Albert Victor Vincent