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Saint Matthew’s Church
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The Choir at St Matthew's


Choir 01

The Choir for Saint Matthew's is currently quite small, but its members are committed and hard working, singing for the High Mass on Sundays and the numerous weekday festivals etc.

We aspire to a high quality contribution to the Liturgy, which the music serves.  Our repertoire includes a considerable amount of plainsong (with one or two quite complicated pieces) and some simpler four-part harmony singing.  Quite a bit of the singing is a capella (unaccompanied).

The choir is a place where people can learn to sing, so you do not need to be an accomplished musician.  We do not try to be too ambitious, preferring to do something well than something showy.  None-the-less, we are developing our skills.  At the same time, all members of the choir remember whence they came and are happy to work with new people, who would like to learn.

We are always happy to welcome new members.  The principal requirements are:

  • The inclination to sing as part of a liturgical (church worship) choir
  • Sympathy with the Christian Religion as expressed in the Catholic Tradition
  • The availability to make a fairly serious commitment to the choir practices and routine of sung services

The routine commitments are:

  • The High Mass on Sundays, usually (almost always) at 10.30am (there is usually a very short practice at about 10.15am)
  • Masses for festivals, usually at 7.30pm on weekdays and 10am on Saturdays
  • The Choir practice on Wednesdays at 7.30pm (preceded by Sung Evensong at 7pm, which most of the choir usually attend)

The Choir is an important and appreciated part of the congregational life, greatly enhancing the Liturgy that we offer.  The Liturgy is carefully planned and structured to ensure that the contributions of all are properly balanced.

The rest of the website should give you an idea of the type of church that we are.  If you might be interested in joining our choir, please contact the Vicar.

Chior 01