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Receive this Light - If you want to be baptized

Receive this Light
Receive this Light

People who want to be baptized, or to have their children baptized, make a number of commitments (see the Rite of Baptism) about the way that they will live their lives. This includes promising to look to Christ for the inspiration as to how they conduct their lives and becoming active members of a local church congregation.

Before giving such undertakings, which are of a solemn nature, you need to think whether you can make the promises in good conscience. It is a good idea to start attending the church at which you hope a Baptism to take place well before making a final decision.

Who is baptized at Saint Matthew’s?
All those who live in the parishes (geographical area covered by the churches) of Saint Philip’s and Saint Matthew’s have a right to be baptized at Saint Matthew’s. Others with an established connexion with the life of the Church here are also baptized in our church.

Usually, others are encouraged to go to their own parish church. There are occasionally exceptions to this rule, every such request is dealt with individually.

Before you ask for Baptism either for yourself or your child
Before you decide to ask for Baptism, you should ask yourself whether you can make the commitments included in the service (see the Rite of Baptism). It is always a good idea to come along to the Mass on Sunday a couple of times to get the feel of the Church.

How do you apply?
In short, you contact the Vicar. He will give you an application form for each person, which you complete and return to him.

You will need to choose at least three Godparents for babies and infants. These three people should all have been baptized themselves (not necessarily in the Anglican Church) and one should be a communicant member of their church (again, not necessarily an Anglican). If you have problems with this, you should mention it to the Vicar. Traditionally (though it is not required), two godparents are of the same sex as the child and one of the other sex.

What if the person is over about ten years old?
Usually, once someone has reached the age of ten, we would expect her or him to be confirmed at the same time as the Baptism. This involves a course of preparation: you need to speak to the Vicar about this.

When does the Baptism take place?
Do not book the party until you have agreed a date with the Vicar. Baptisms are normally celebrated at a service at 10.30am on Sunday mornings.

What if the person is seriously ill?
If someone who is seriously ill asks to be baptized (or the parents of a very sick child ask for the child to be baptized), the service will happen at the earliest opportunity. If she or he is in hospital, the chaplain there will normally be responsible for administering the Sacrament.

Who can come to the Baptism?
Anybody who wants to.

Photographs and videos
Please speak to the Vicar before making any arrangements for photos or a video.

The Cost
Baptisms are free. However, we are grateful for any contribution to the large cost of running Saint Matthew’s.

Registering the Baptism
The Baptism will be recorded in the parish register, which is a legal document and a certificate will be issued. For these reasons, it is important that the information you put on the application form is accurate.

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