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Saint Matthew’s Church
Big Lamp, Summerhill Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

WELCOME TO Saint Matthew's website.

Here you will find some glimpses of the life of our Christian community.  There is much else that cannot be captured in a medium such as this.  As well as the projects at the CHAT Trust and the work of Investors in People and Culture operating in the Church Hall, individual members of our church engage with the needs of our society in a wide range of ways.

Holding all this together is the worship we offer day by day at Saint Matthew's.  The church building looks out over the city and is a few minutes' walk from the centre.   When you see it sitting at the top of the Westgate Hill or hear the bell ringing, you might be reminded that through the course of the week, in the earlyish morning, during the day and in the evening, prayer is offered within its walls.

In a world of frenetic activity and the demand of instant productivity, the opportunity for proper reflexion is squeezed out of the timetable; and as we live under the constant pressure of image and brand, there is little time, as a Jewish prayer puts it, "to know who we should truly be."

Most of us, through the course of the week, start to think many things, but we do not have the time to complete our train of thought.  We invite people to join us in the Liturgical round at Saint Matthew's, to step aside from the momentum of the week and seek God's perspective on and guidance in the complexities of our lives. 

Some will wish simply to come, pray and leave; others might feel drawn more deeply into the life of the Christian community.  We hope that there is space for all who wish to draw close to their God within our walls.

Our commitment to safeguarding.You will be listened to(pdf)

The Christian Community at Saint Matthew’s endeavours :

to be a sign of Christ’s presence within our community

to provide a place where people can come and draw close to their God

to embrace and serve the diversity of the humanity, which God has created

to show the world, by word and example, Christ’s Gospel of love for all people

to recognize that we all fall short of what God asks of us

to offer in the Catholic tradition the highest attainable standard of worship

You will find in Saint Matthew’s, one of the finest Victorian church buildings in the North East, a community that seeks, as part of our witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, daily to offer prayer in the Anglo-Catholic tradition for the world around us.

The maintenance of our church and tradition is a demanding task. We are always pleased when new people add their support to our work here. First and foremost, of course, we readily welcome those who wish to join our regular worshipping community in any capacity.

Others, however, are associated with our life in different ways and we are equally grateful that there is such a network of goodwill.